The question of a website cost has been always a touchy one especially when you're new to this industry. Then, it gets more bewildered when you’re doing it for the fist time for your small business. Similarly, the costing exercise you're toiling on your Numbers or Excel sheet has a small margin of errors,

Whether you run a small shop business in the corner of a street, or you work as a selfemployed professional in a specific industry, or having a corporate business that employs more than 500 people. Your website is simply a shop window to your digital world.

I decided to write down this post based on my personal experience with the “best web-design company” as seen on their headline on Google Ads. Lucky me, Learnt the hard way on how much does it cost you when you hire the wrong web designer?

We all understand the hustle to build up your own business with no error margins and the bustle to market it. A website remains the first hub of your digital marketing world. Without it, you’re nowhere to survive nowadays with the unstoppable technology trend and “catch me if you can” de facto.

Video marketing is one of the most crucial tools available in the arsenal of not only digital marketers but any business aiming to grab customers’ and people’s attention. Yeah, videos has always been an engaging medium but shifted completely how brands now manage their relationship with customers?

Have you ever googled how to build your website for free? The best free easy quick website builders? How much should I spent on my website? What mistakes I should avoid for my website? Website builders Vs WordPress? And the list of questions go on and so forth.

I believe any business would fight to hire the superman or the superwoman salesperson who’ll be there to generate unlimited number of leads and customers for 24/7 with No breaks, No Offs, No leaves, No complaints, and No so forth.

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We understand well the hustle to build up a small business then the bustle to scale it up to the next level. When it comes to creating a stunning website or a media production that spells well your story in a noisy world where your small brand tussles to stand out. The First question that pops in the mind of any startup or small business owner is “do we have the necessary budget to afford it?".